Speculations from 2040 to 2049.

In 2040, US robotics in Chicago came out with a new, more intelligent, and more life like model, which was affordable. Middle class Americans could afford the robot, so many Americans bought robot servants. The number of robots in the United States went from 500,000 to 4 million virtually overnight, and continued to grow steadily.

In 2040, the end was nigh for Las Vegas. Lake Mead had run dry. Only a thin band of water ran across the wet lakebed, the original size of the Colorado River. The lakebed was green with reeds and tall grass, a green oasis in a sandy beige desert. But Las Vegas became poor, the great casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard closed down, the city began to dry up. Las Vegas’s population started to decline. Miami, Florida, had the opposite problem. Ever since Hurricane Milo tens years earlier, Miami had been on a long slow decline. In 2040, with sea levels almost 2 feet above 2000 levels, Miami was beginning to drown. In Miami Beach, high tides bubbled up through the storm drains and flooded city streets. Miami, like Las Vegas began an ever increasing downward spiral that would only end in disaster. By 2040, Wealthy residents had begun to flee the city as they had fled Las Vegas. Miami became much poorer, and slums began to form in the old mansions of Miami Beach and Coral Gables. All of south Florida was undergoing a transformation from booming metropolis to sunken atlantis. 

In 2040, Catalonia, a Spanish province, seceded from Spain, forming its own country. In England, the American recession caused a total financial implosion. London, now only the financial capital of the British Isles, had a meltdown. The British government collapsed and anarchy broke out across England. The King of England, King William, tried to use his kingly authority t restore order as Prime Minister Oscar Wilde was deposed and exiled to Jersey. He was ignored and Buckingham Palace was plundered. By the end of 2040, it was clear no English state existed. The last remnant of the British Empire had been destroyed. King William was killed that year and the Queen Kate and Prince George were exiled to Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The United States intervened, but was repulsed by armed Englishmen defending “The Revolution”.

Also that year Spain broke into several independent states, none of them called Spain. In France, the government was beginning to crack, and the country was destabilized. In Italy, cracks also appeared, but the Italian president managed to patch them. 

In November 2040, incumbent US president John Steinburg was  challenged not by a democrat but by an independent for the presidency. David Henderson defeated Steinburg. He took office in January 2041.

In 2041, electricity failed in England, and barely stayed on in Wales. The country was plunged into darkness and back into the middle ages. In North Africa, desertification was taking its toll on the population, but large streams of immigration to Europe had stopped as the nations of Europe became destabilized. The waves of immigration turned to America, but US president’s David Henderson’s strict immigration laws blocked them. So Canada, with liberal Prime Minister James Harrison’s loose immigration laws, became a prime destination. 

On May 5, 2041, former US president George W. Bush passed away at the age of 94. He had been born in 1946. He was from Texas, and was the son of former president George H.W. Bush. He was in office from 2001 to 2009, he was a republican. Bush was remembered for his response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Once in office, US president David Henderson pissed off a lot of Americans. Henderson, who had run on the promise of middle-of-the road policies, blatantly broke his promise, and revealed himself to be an ultra-conservative. He was even a little bit racist. Americans were outraged that they had been deceived, and Congress immediately attempted to impeach the president. Henderson paid off and threatened Congress members and his impeachment failed. Henderson continued with his policies, paying off and threatening congress members to do his bidding. Henderson stopped all immigration to the United States. He tried to make the country self sufficient, by method of complete isolation. Henderson, who was very charismatic, convinced a million Americans that what he was doing was right. The vast majority of Americans were not convinced, though. Henderson formed a sort of Gestapo to go after and imprison or even murder his political opponents. Henderson even had several congressmen murdered. President Henderson attempted to deport all of the illegal immigrants in the United States as well. He then began deporting non-white American citizens. 

In 2042, China surpassed the United States in GDP and military power, becoming the world’s greatest superpower. 

In April 2042, President Henderson declared himself Emperor of the United States. In cities and towns across America, fighting broke out. The American people would not stand for Henderson’s tyranny. But he was well protected, the Americans would have to form a plan. 

In 2042, the cities of Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi were abandoned. Several towns in the Mississippi Delta of Louisiana were also abandoned. Rising sea levels were the culprit, and larger cities were beginning to be abandoned. 

On August 29, 2042, former president Bill Clinton passed away at 96. He was born in 1946 and was a democrat from Arkansas. During his two terms between 1993 and 2001, Clinton presided over one of the most prosperous and carefree eras of American history, and he is considered one of America’s best presidents.

In 2043, America’s demographic transformation had reached its climax. That year, non-Hispanic whites dropped below 50% of the total US population. The Hispanic population was at 25%, the black population at 15%, and the Asian population was at 10%.In the years that followed, America’s demographics stabilized.

On June 15, 2043, while Emperor Henderson was giving a speech on the steps of the Capitol, a man named William Holland ran up the steps and shot Henderson point blank in the face. Henderson died almost instantly. Holland ran down the steps and into the crowd, who were stunned into silence. The Secret Service chased after Holland, but he escaped in a getaway vehicle. America’s first, and only emperor had been killed. Henderson’s Vice President, or Viceroy, was Richard Langley. He took power and declared he was president, not emperor. But he acted like an emperor, and in January 2044 he was killed by a bomb on a bridge in West Virginia that his train was crossing. 

In February 2044, an Indianapolis imam, Muhammad Akbar Bikar, moved into the unoccupied White House and declared he was the leader of the United States. The US congress looked at his credentials, he was a community leader, and decided to allow him to stay as temporary Governor General of the United States, and to retain leadership until the November 2044 election. He was quite radical, not your average imam. He declared the United States was an Islamic Caliphate, and he was its leader. The United States, being a primary Christian country, was not the place for Islamic domination, especially because of the places it picks fights. He was assassinated in March. Finally, Senate majority leader Henry Quincy (D) took over until November. 

In 2044, Panama City, FL, Homestead, FL, Orange, TX, New Iberia, LA, Belle Chasse, LA, Chalmette, LA, and Pascagoula, MS were all abandoned. People moved north away from the Gulf Coast, to cities like Memphis, St. Louis, Omaha, and Chicago. By 2044, sea levels had risen to two feet above 2000 levels, with no signs of slowing down. On August 26, 2044, a category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Rose slammed into Louisiana. The Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans was obliterated. The rest of the city was mostly spared. The Lower Ninth ward was never drained of the floodwaters, the city declared it unethical for the neighborhood to be rebuilt. 

In November 2044, democrat Charles Exeter faced off against republican Demetrius Kolatov. Exeter won and took office in January 2045. 

In May 2045, memorial services in Berlin commemorated the end of WWII in Europe. In attendance: US president Charles Exeter, French President Jaques Laurier, German Chancellor Wilhelm Brandenburg, Polish President Max Volk, Italian President Francisco Batiacelli, Canadian Prime Minster Jack Owens, former British Prime Minister Oscar Wilde, and Governor of the EU trust territory of St. Petersburg, Joseph Nopnorhova. Oscar Wilde had escaped imprisonment in Jersey. No one had come after him because the English government collapsed. 

In 2045, Clearwater, Florida was abandoned due to sea level rise. It was just one in a string of cities being abandoned for the same cause. 

In August 2045, memorial services in Tokyo commemorated the centennial anniversary of the end of WWII. In attendance: US president Charles Exeter, Japanese President Horohti Nagata, Japanese Emperor Akihito, and Chinese President Wang Xi. 

In 2046, Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida, and many small towns from Texas to Atlantic Florida. 

By 2046, the democratic and republican parties had drifted so far apart that that they had grown into armed factions. Finally, after years of tension in the greatest depression the country has ever seen, the conflict of words became armed conflict. In March 2046, conflict between “the blues” and “the reds”. The minor skirmishes soon spilled into all out civil war. The country broke between “red states” and “blue states”, and within those states between urban and rural. Of America’s 50 states, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii joined the Democratic Union, with its capital at Boston. Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia joined the Republican Union, with its capital at Houston. Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, and Virginia did immediately join either. Both rogue nations claimed they were the United States and that the other was seceding. The war was not between the two unions, but within them. The United States military was split between the two. The United States was at war, with itself. 

In 2046, Italy broke into two countries. In the rich, wet north was North Italy, and in the poorer, dry south there was South Italy. The capital of North Italy was Milan, the capital of South Italy was Naples. In 2046, China’s robotics industry exploded, surpassing that of even the US and Japan by 2050. 

In January 2047, in the United States, president Charles Exeter had been deposed and exiled to Bermuda. The leader of the Democratic Union was Connor Flaherty, and the leader of the Republican Union was Calvin Royce. The fighting was everywhere, between everyone. In every state, in every city, in almost every town. Some towns were actually wiped off the map. Later in the year, Alaska joined the Republican Union, as did Florida. Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, and Virginia joined the Democratic Union. 

In 2047, the French government began to collapse. France’s status as a world power plummeted, and its military power was nonexistent. The South Italian government collapsed that year, throwing the region into chaos. The North Italian government was destabilized, and started to crumble. 

In September 2047, the city of San Jose, California was destroyed in a massive nuclear blast. It was revealed the attack had been perpetrated by a republican extremist from the Republican Union. 

In October of 2047, the large Mexican population in Arizona, more than 60%, finally tipped the balance of the state government. The new governor of Arizona, Eduardo Pena Gonzalez, left the Republican Union and joined the Democratic Union. The war was still raging, and neither side had gained anything. 

In January 2048, the North Italian government collapsed. In April of that year, the Portuguese government collapsed. In June the Serbian government collapsed. In July 2048, the entire European Union collapsed, and so did the euro. It was every nation for itself. Poland took Kaliningrad and western Belarus. 

In 2048, the war in the United States was intensifying. The Democratic Union and Republican Union were considered different countries at that point, and the border was clear. The south Floridians declared that they were joining the Democratic Union. 

In 2048, Miami Beach was abandoned. By then, Naples and Sarasota in Florida had both been abandoned. The immigration crisis is also at it lowest point. The US closed off its southern border. Borders towns and Gulf Coast cities looked like 3rd World countries. The barriers islands from Texas to New Jersey were being abandoned. The Florida Keys, although not barrier islands, were deserted, Key West had a population of 6,000 in 2050. Miami was in a steep decline, the city was in shambles and its population largely poor. The beach mansions and waterfront high rises became tenements, or were abandoned completely and left to crumble. All of the cities between Jacksonville and West Palm Beach were being abandoned in the 2040s and 2050s. 

On July 1, 2048, an earthquake struck the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. The city was badly damaged, but only 50 people were killed, due to an advanced warning. The city was swiftly rebuilt, and Indonesia, by then a world power, continued on its upward track. 

In November 2048, the United States Congress elected Benjamin LaFarge president. He was not of any party, and his job was to reunite the country before it collapsed. He took office and January 2049, and gave his inaugural address in the Senate House. 

In February 2049, President LaFarge called Republican leader Calvin Royce and Democratic leader Connor Flaherty to a meeting at the Capitol. He lured both of them by telling them the other wasn’t going to be there. He convinced them to meet each other. When Flaherty and Royce were not able to even agree to make peace negotiations, LaFarge decided to take drastic measures.  He signaled for the secret service to pull out their guns. They aimed their weapons at the two leaders, and LaFarge instructed them to make peace “or else”. Royce yelled “you can’t do this to me! I’ll have you impea-!” a secret service agent shot Royce in the foot. Royce cried out and whined. After doctors had patched Royce up right in the capitol, Flaherty and Royce hammered out a peace deal. So on February 6, 2049, the war was over. In April 2049, Connor Flaherty and Calvin Royce had their citizenship revoked. Flaherty was deported to Bermuda, and Royce was deported to Mexico. The United States was truly united. In the wake of the second Civil War, there was a major shift in politics. The Republican Party was destroyed, and was replaced by the Conservative Party, which was far more liberal than the Republican Party. The Democratic Party became much more conservative, and the two parties were once again very close together. 

On August 22, 2049, a massive hurricane, Hurricane Owen, slammed into eastern Long Island and southern New England. Low-lying areas were swamped. 25 people were killed and billions of dollars in damage were caused. Providence, Rhode Island was badly damaged. It took years for the area to recover.

In October 2049, the French government collapsed. France was plunged into chaos. Like England, Italy, and Portugal, the lights went out and services ceased. People fled cities, people died in the chaos. Disease followed shortly thereafter. 

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