Speculations from 2060 to 2069.

In January 2060, the United States invaded Taiwan. The island fell within a month. The US invaded Hong Kong and Shanghai, capturing Hong Kong and putting a siege with weather on Shanghai. In April 2060, China surrendered. The United States had beaten the world greatest superpower. With the end of the war, the United States had just barely surpassed China as the world’s greatest superpower. Taiwan was made a US territory, which incensed the Chinese.

On June 24, 2060, former US president Martin O’Malley passed away at 97. He was a born in 1963 in Washington DC. He was democrat from Maryland. He was president between 2021 and 2029. President O’Malley was remembered for the victory of the allies in WWIII, and his domestic policies advancing everything. O’Malley is regarded as one of the best presidents in American history.

In July 2060, construction began on the New York City storm defense system. The system was composed of three flood gates at all three entrances to New York’s waterways. One was located at the place where Arthur Kill meets Rarity Bay, another and the largest at the Verrazano Narrows, and one at the Little Neck Bay between the Throgs Neck and Fort Totten. Construction continued at a speedy clip, and the completion date was in summer 2064. Robots worked alongside immigrant construction workers. The mayor of New York, Franklin O’Reilly, declared it was the building project of the century for New York. The city, with a population of 10.8 million, needed the defenses. 

In November 2060, the presidential election pitted democratic candidate Jose Gonzalez against conservative Xerxes Willis. Gonzalez won the election, becoming the first Hispanic president. Gonzalez took office in January 2061and immediately began putting his campaign promises of “keeping Calverton’s good times rolling”, and fully reforming immigration, as well as continuing to allow green energy to grow.

In 2061, President Gonzalez in conjunction with Congress passed an immigration reform bill. The bill made legal immigration from everywhere easier to accomplish. The largest source of immigration to the United States in 2061 was Bangladesh. India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, England, and France were not too far behind. President Gonzalez also increased the carbon tax first implemented by President Martin O’Malley in the 2020s. 

On May 11, 2061, a massive earthquake rocked Manila, Philippines. Parts of the city were flooded when levees broke. The quake floods and fire killed 12,000. Manila rebuilt with earthquake defenses. Many low lying neighborhoods were abandoned. 

In 2060s Europe, immigrants fled to America. In the 2010s, muslim immigrants were flowing into European nations like France and the United Kingdom. With the destabilization and collapse of European countries, the muslim immigration not only stopped, it turned around. Muslims realized Europe was no longer a place of wealth and “the good life.” Many muslims moved back to North Africa, but the majority immigrated to the United States. By the 2060s, There were only 300,000 muslims in France, clustered around Marseille and Paris. In the former United Kingdom, muslim and christian immigrants from Africa and Asia fled England to America. 

In 2062, Las Vegas had a population of 30,000 and was dropping by several thousand people a year. Lake Mead had been a brown and green grass meadow along the thin Colorado River. The Hoover Dam was just a big wall at the end of the “Mead Valley”. Las Vegas had sand dunes in the streets, only Las Vegas Boulevard was not impassible. Only the Luxor was open, and it was cheap and not well kept. 

In 2062, President Gonzalez announced that America was officially “green”. The United States was 66% reliant on clean energy, a remarkable achievement in 40 years. Of the 66%, 30% was wind power, 20% was hydropower, 25% was solar power, and 25% was miscellaneous, such as geothermal power. The primary non-renewable energy source, of the 10%, was 70% natural gas, 20% oil, and 10% coal. The last 23% was nuclear power. Which is non-renewable but not very dangerous to the environment if contained.

In 2062, the World Population hit 10 billion. The world population was 6 billion in 2000. The bulk of the growth had occurred in Africa. In the United States, the population had gone from 281,000 in 2000, to 447,000. The Canadian population had gone from 31,000 to 63,000. Australia’s population had gone from 22,000 to 58,000. But still, the Earth’s population was beginning to plateau. In space, however, the human population was rapidly expanding through “immigration”. The Lunar settlements already had a combined population of 9,000, and there were 1,000 people living in “space condos” orbiting Earth. Mars had no settlements yet, but the US government had resumed sending manned missions. 

In 2063, US president Jose Gonzalez made a proclamation. He drew a line along county borders from Nassau County, Florida to Cameron County Texas, and told anyone living south of the line to move inland. The Proclamation of 2063 was heeded with federal assistance. The goal of the proclamation was to evacuate the gulf coast and Florida Atlantic coast to prevent further loss of life from storms and sea level rise. Cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Pensacola, Mobile, and New Orleans, which were already being abandoned, were almost completely deserted after the proclamation. Miami, which had a population of 140,000 before the proclamation, had a population of 20,000 afterwards. New Orleans, which in 2060 had a population of 85,000, lost 70,000 people from the proclamation. One of few gulf coast cities that had not been abandoned before the proclamation was Galveston, Texas. It had lost its beaches and suburbs, but the main city was still largely dry. The city fought the proclamation, and in late 2063 made a deal with the federal government. If a major storm was headed toward the city, everyone would evacuate, and if the city was destroyed, they wouldn’t rebuild. 

In 2063, the Chinese launched a space settlement program. Within the year, several Chinese space stations were constructed and launched. The Chinese population in space went from 5 to 500 in months. The Chinese also began a Lunar colonization project, but did not expect to have any Lunar settlements for at least a decade.

In 2063, America’s largest cities were different than that of 2010. In 2010, the county’s largest cities were: 1. New York (8.1 million), 2. Los Angeles (3.7 million), 3. Chicago (2.6 million), 4. Houston (2.1 million), 5. Philadelphia (1.5 million), 6. Phoenix (1.4 million), 7. San Antonio (1.3 million), 8. San Diego (1.3 million), 9. Dallas (1.2 million), 10. San Jose (998,000). The change in population is significant for every city, almost all having population growth. In 2060, America’a largest cities were: 1. New York (10.9 million), 2. Los Angeles (6.6 million), 3. Chicago (6.0 million), 4. Houston (4.9 million), 5. Philadelphia (4.2 million), 6. Atlanta (3.2 million), 7. San Antonio (3.1 million), 8. Dallas (2.8 million), 9. Seattle (2.0 million), Washington ( 1.7 million). In 2o60, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Detroit, Austin, and Columbus were all not far behind. 

In 2064, Phoenix, Arizona was on its knees. In 2010, it was neck and neck with Philadelphia for the title of 5th largest city in the county, with Mexican immigration becoming the city’s backbone. Phoenix overtook Philadelphia in 2019, and was poised to stay ahead. But then, in 2035, Lake Mead ran dry. The city’s reservoirs soon ran dry as well, and water was trucked in. Phoenix soon saw a mass exodus of people, losing more than half its population by 2050. In 2064, the city had a population of 303,000. Demographically, the city was 90% Hispanic, with 95% being of Mexican origin or descent. The city was not in a steep decline because of its demographics, its demographics reflected its decline. Most of the people in the city were poor immigrants, who could only afford to live in Phoenix. The city’s population was beginning to stabilize, but wealth would not return to Phoenix. 

On August 29, 2064, the New York City Storm Defense System was completed. A network of storm barriers from Arthur Kill, through the Verrazano Narrows, to Little Neck Bay. The flood gates at Arthur Kill were built to drop down and slid closed. The Verrazano Narrows gates floated up from the bottom to stop storm surge. The gates at Little Neck Bay swung closed from an open position at the shores of the small bay. The three types of flood gates used were used in Holland before the county’s collapse. Many Dutch engineers and construction workers helped build the defenses. New York City was safe from storms, but many other cities were not. Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego were virtually undefended. Plans for Washington and Philadelphia flood defense systems were being planned. 

On October 26, 2064, humans became an interplanetary species. That day, a collection of modules landed on the Martian surface. After several hours of assembly, their occupants moved in. The first human settlement on Mars, Terra Nova, had an initial population of 40. The “town”, roughly 150 miles west of Elysium Mons, was the greatest leap into space America ever made. In the years following, new American towns popped up on Mars, all in module form. Terra Nova grew from 40 people to 1,600 people in the years after its founding. The United States wasn’t just on top of the world, it was on top of the worlds

In November 2064, President Jose Gonzalez was up for reelection. He was up against conservative challenger Zita Netanyahu. Netanyahu was the first conservative female presidential candidate. Gonzalez won, and continued working on his policies. 

In 2065, the Bicentennial anniversary of the end of what is now called the First American Civil War. President Gonzalez, in an act of great and intentional irony, called former Democratic Union leader Connor Flaherty and former Republican Union leader Calvin Royce out of their respective exiles. Flaherty traveled from his condominium in Montreal, and Royce traveled from his lavish home in Puerto Vallarta. They were forced to stand in chains on either side on President Gonzalez. This action was praised by many Americans, who looked back on the war with disgust. After the ceremony in April, Flaherty vowed never to return to the United States (even though he couldn’t by law), and Calvin Royce vowed revenge. 

On April 30, 2065, a massive earthquake rocked the city of San Francisco. The quake killed 300 people and destroyed an entire neighborhood, the Marina District. The city was rebuilt quickly, with a Chinese flare from immigrants. San Francisco, which had been on an upward advance before the disaster, continued its return to prominence. 

In Hollywood, California, a revolution was brewing. In the social clubs of the city, were actors, musicians, and directors mingled, a whole new perception of life was gaining momentum. The idea was that robots, now with equal or even superior intellect to humans, were still being used as servants and unpaid workers. “Were robots, although artificial, not alive,” they said. “And if they are alive and intelligent, don’t they deserve equal rights.” This revolutionary idea was only privy to a small number of people, but it was gaining momentum. Robots were produced by a number of different companies in Chicago (US Robotics), Atlanta (Peachtree Robotics), San Antonio (Texas Electrics), San Francisco-Oakland (American Pacific), and New York (Atlantic Robotics Company). Robots had their intelligence intentionally lowered to that of a very intelligent human, and were programed to be docile and submissive. But in one robotics lab in Hollywood, programmers were working to change that. 

On January 27, 2066, on a cold, dark, snowy night in Vladivostok, 54-year-old Russian businessman Mikhail Koranic put his plan to rebuild Russia into action. In cities across the ruined, governmentless country, Koranic’s constituents began to ready their thousands of soldiers to take back their country from chaos. At dawn, on February 1, 2066, the revolution began. In cities across Russia, Koranic’s soldiers took control. From St. Petersburg to the Canadian territory line at Irkutsk. Even the ramshackle remnants of Moscow were taken by “the Revolyutsionery.” The Russian people looked at the takeover with indifference, but interest. The majority of Russians thought this act was one of many over the years. But they were wrong. Koranic left Vladivostok for St. Petersburg, which he made his de facto capital. He declared himself temporary dictator of Russia. His small force drew followers and became an army. Koranic’s troops, now called the Russian Revolutionary Army (RRA) was advancing outwards from St. Petersburg into the void of Russia. 

US president Jose Gonzalez sent troops to the US territories of East Siberia and Okhotsk. The Canadians did likewise to their territory of Siberia. 

Immigration to the United States reached its climax in the late 2060s. Africa was the main source, with Asian and Latin American sources close behind. President Gonzalez continued Daniel Calverton’s liberal immigration policies, and continued cutting spending. He did not cut military spending to the degree he cut other things, because he thought war with the RRA was a real possibility. Russian leader Mikhail Koranic made no indication of possible hostilities toward the United States, Canada, or what was left of Europe. 

On November 14, 2066, a cessna piloted by a Uzbekistani terrorist crashed into the tallest building in the world, the Manhattan Tower in New York City, which had been completed in 2059. 2 people were killed and 5 injured, 2 on the ground as debris rained down on 14th street. The attack was one of solidarity, none preceded it and none followed it. The attack was still a landmark event and paved the way for a stricter watch on immigrants from the Islamic world. 

In 2066, construction began on the Delaware River storm barrier, which would run across the Delaware River between New Castle and Pennsville. The project was due to be completed in autumn 2068. 

In January 2067, the Hollywood programmers and technicians gave a robot a “free mind”. They immediately set out doing the same to other robots. The original robot, “Jarvis,” began to develop emotions. One day in May, Jarvis disappeared. The next day he was back at the research facility, with a small army of robots. He declared he was leading a revolution, and they could either join him or be pushed aside. Most of the Los Angelenos involved joined him. The next day. Jarvis led a robot revolt against humanity. Los Angles fell within a week. President Gonzalez ordered airstrikes on heavy pockets of robot rebels. The revolt spread to Silicon Valley. Robots were disconnected from the internet, how the computer virus spread. The virus had been given to all the robots in LA and Silicon Valley. The rebellion held out for weeks against the military. Finally, in mid-February 2067, the Robot Rebellion was put down. Most of the Hollywood celebrities involved were killed, ad those who were not were tried and imprisoned for treason. President Gonzalez and the US Congress passed a bill to prevent what the Hollywood programers had done from happening again. 

On July 1, 2067, Canada celebrated its bicentennial. On July 1, 1867, Canada declared its independence from the British Empire. French and English Canadians celebrated the bicentennial with glee. Canadian Prime Minister Jacques D’Altea celebrated in the capital of Ottawa. Canada was then the ninth most powerful and ninth biggest economy in the world. In 2067, the top 10 greatest nations by GDP and military power were: the United States (SP), 2. China (SP), 3. India (SP), 4. Indonesia (WP),  5. Japan (WP), 6. Brazil (WP), 7. Korea (WP), 8. Poland (WP), 9. Canada (WP), 10. Australia (WP). All of these nations were on the rise except for the United States. The United States was riding high, but was almost plateauing. 

In 2067, the Detroit Renaissance was in full swing. Major companies began returning to Detroit. Car companies, who had relocated to cities like St. Louis and Cleveland, returned to Detroit. The one company who had stuck it out, GM, began building new factories. Wealthy neighborhoods expanded, and blue-collar neighborhoods were well kept. Detroit’s population began to rise. The city began to become more diverse. In the 2050s, Detroit was 80% black. By 2067 it was 65% black, and the demographics were still shifting. The Renaissance was not in spite of the black population, it was because of it. In the 1950s, when Detroit was at its peak, the black population were upset that they weren’t getting any of the city’s wealth. Now, in the 2060s, they were the main beneficiaries. Detroit was getting and influx of immigrants, they were the ones shifting Detroit’s demographics. The city took on a French flare, many French refugees came to the city. Many began pronouncing the city’s originally French name as it was intended, “Detrwa”. 

In March 2068, the RRA had captured all of western Russia, from independent Chechnya and Dagestan to Yekaterinburg in the west. Dictator Mikhail Koranic called a meeting with US president Jose Gonzalez. At the meeting, held in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Mikhail Koranic told Gonzalez he was going to create a democracy once he had captured all non-governed Russian territory. President Gonzalez pledged his support to the new Russian regime. This was the first time the US had been allied with Russia in 123 years. 

On August 14, 2068, the Delaware Storm Defense System was completed. Ever town and city from Pennsville, NJ, and New Castle, DE, including Philadelphia, were protected from storm surge. Storm barriers were planned for Boston, and Washington, but construction was postponed. Other cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston were well protected by elevation and distance from the coast. San Francisco had been constructing levees since the 2030s, and Houston had built a small, high barrier on its small river in 2063. 

In the summer of 2068, bandits armed with machine guns, armored cars, and even a tank crossed the border between the United States and Mexico, wrecking havoc and robbing banks on the American side, then racing back across to the Mexican side. The leader of the group of Mexican and former Republican soldiers was Calvin Royce, former leader of the Republican Union. Royce, who was in his 60s, said the reason for the raids was revenge against the United States for ending his rule of the Republican Union and his exile, as well as his embarrassment being chained up and displayed for the First Civil War commemoration. Royce orchestrated raids on every border state, from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas. President Gonzalez vowed to end Royce’s attacks, but was unable to stop him by the end of his two terms as president.

In November 2068, the presidential election pitted democratic candidate Ophelia Woodard against conservative candidate Benedict Heisenberg. Woodard won the election, and became the first black female president. Woodard took office in January 2069, and continued many of former President Gonzalez’s policies, but changed several of his budget plans. 

In January 2069, Germany, one of the few nations left standing in Europe, declared it was going to send a settlement expedition to the Moon. They said they would launch their expedition in July. 

In March 2069, former US president John Steinburg passed away at 93. He was born in 1975 and he was a republican from Indiana. He was the first and only Jewish president. President Steinburg was remembered for his very conservative policies during his one term as president between 2037 and 2041. 

On July 20, 2069, Americans and people around the world celebrated the centennial anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), the first man to walk on the moon. The American expedition, which also included Buzz Aldrin (1930-2022), and Michael Collins (1930-2032), was a major milestone in American and World History. US president Ophelia Woodard was in attendance at a commemorative ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. There were also celebrations in the Lunar Colonies. Luna City, with 7,000 residents by then, even had a fireworks display. 

On August 4, 2069, the German Lunar colonization expedition reached its destination. The first German settlement on the Moon, Neu Berlin, or New Berlin, began with 40 residents in interconnected modules in the classic hexagon shape. The German’s had beaten the Chinese to the Moon, but the Chinese would soon overtake an aging and crumbling Germany in the 21st Century space race. The German Chancellor, Hans Shultz, was the last “German leader in space”. Shultz visited the German Lunar Colony, 300 miles north of Luna City, in October 2069. US president Ophelia Woodard visited Luna City in November 2069.

In December 2069, the RRA had recaptured all of Russia not under foreign control. Russian dictator Mikhail Koranic declared that Russia was reunited. He official created the Democratic State of Russia. He made St. Petersburg the official capital while Moscow was rebuilt. He announced democratic elections would be held in September of the next year, and they would be held every four years in September. Koranic began setting up the Russian government, which he based closely on the American system. He created a Congress with an upper and lower houses, the upper house was the Senate, and the lower house was the House of the Oblasts. He admitted every oblast, or province, into the Russian Democracy. Russia was a full-fledged democracy. 

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